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Our solutions were built with your business in mind. The fundamental goal of these solutions are to help you do more business by handling more estimate requests at the same time while requiring little or no manual intervention from you or your team. The options represented on this page will give you a brief summary of how we help you do more business. Your customers expect faster response times & immediate estimate rates while they are looking, so don't lose business because of long response times.

We love working closely with you, so let us know if you would like additional features we don't already have.

Quote Automation

Fully white-labeled solution to return quotes to customers immediately & integrates with your website. With Quote Automation your customers will be able to fill in all the information you need and automatically generates an estimated price range with no intervention from you. Price ranges for quotes are generated based on your predefined parameters and you can step in to return a precise price at any time. Your customers can accept a given price and you can close more business in less time.

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Invoice & Estimates

Create and send estimates or invoices to your customers with a simple touch of a button, anytime. Our solution puts you fully in control, allowing for effortless estimate & invoice document creation. Reopen any invoice or estimate document from the past to reassess details shared with a customer. Supports your existing documents' look & feel, with terms & conditions or backers. Also supports bills of lading, work orders or service contracts.

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eSignature & Acceptance

Get customers' sign-off on accuracy of information entered for a quote or an estimated price for a job. Our eSignature & Acceptance solutions allow you to get jobs estimated and approved faster. Your customers can eSign an estimate request as accurate to the best of their knowledge & eSign an estimate, invoice or payment. Customers can immediately accept a job, which eliminates the guess work of whether they will choose you or not, so you can take action faster.

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Configurable Workflow

Streamline your work process and know exactly where you are with each lead or customer. Our solution makes it easy for you & your team to stay on top of business as usual with fully customizable work-flows that allow you to assign a status to every step in your process, then move your customers (leads or jobs) through that process. You'll be able to easily identify exactly what to do next with every customer at all times. This will help streamline your process and keep you & your team extremely responsive to your customers' needs.

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Integrations & Download

Get seamless integrations into your other existing systems. From your in-house CRM, accounting, AR or payments system. Our solution makes it easy to port your estimate, job or customer data into another system to continue working. If you just need to export details on paper or in csv format; that's easy, you won't have to change how you fundamentally do business to take advantage of our solutions in your company.

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Pre-authorize more securely to meet PCI compliance rules. Faster payments translates to more cashflow and more accurate revenue forecast against your expenses. Make it easy for your customers to pre-pay, complete final payments or enroll in recurring payments. Allows you & your team to request a payment at any point during the estimate or job process. Our payments solution is secure, easy to use and creates a seamless experience for your customers.

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